Crash in Yala

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Crash in Yala - September 12, 2005
Mr. John reports: Police of Yala check the accident where the Yala-Bangkok no. 902 express train crashed with a school pick up car of Thammavitaya Moonnithi School at Thambon Yupo, Yala. The driver and 8 students died and 10 were injured.

More on the train accident in Yala -, September 16, 2005
Wisarut provides more on the tragic accident at Yala Station: Southern Express No. 38 (Sugei Golok-Bangkok) hit a pickup that was taking female students of Thammawitthaya High School just after finishing the wedding feast. The pickup was hit at 3:25pm on September 11, 2005. 10 dead, 4 hospitalized, 3 injured but treated and released from the hospital. This tragic accident is due to
1) No proper blocking gate to prevent the pickup driver from speeding up the vehicle while the Southern Express was just departing from Yala Station.
2) The Driver (Mr. Ali) wants to speed the truck up before the sunset without taking a look at the speeding Southern Express or he thought that the train already departed from Yala so he can speed up... and he paid for his blunt errors by heading to gubor (Muslim cemetery).
This cause the pickup to be stuck under the bogie of HID Loco No. 4511. AHK No. 4230 was sent from Hat Yai to take over the duty of HIS no. 4511.
List of 10 dead:
Mr. Ali (pickup driver), Miss Sanit Manmah, Miss Mariya Luebaesa, Miss Kanisa Ismae, Miss Paosiya Jehmamah, Miss Kaliyah Kloopae, Miss Kaliyah Daraning, Miss Farida Seng, Miss Farida Madiyah, and Noorisan Doomad (about 14 years old)
4 In hospital:
Miss Karimah Haman (both legs broken along with the cracked pelvis), Miss Maseetau Deesaeh (broken right leg, wounds on the face and arms), Miss Anisa Sarai (head injured), and Miss Ainee Salah (right head injured, wound on the face under the eyes, and both legs broken)
3 injured but have returned home:
Miss Usaimah Yehyae, Miss Kariyah Dahayah, and Miss Sarina Hasae
The consequence is that MOTC Minister has to pay immediate compensation to the victims of this tragic accident and compel SRT to install a proper blocking gate around Yala Station (especially at the accident site) to prevent another tragedy. The gates will be installed in 30 days.

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