The 80-day plan to form a Pattani state

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Above: Morning market in Yala. Policemen and villagers have been shot here and a bomb was found near the market.

From the Thai-language press: The 80-day plan to form a Pattani state - Betong to be new capital city - translated and summarized from Manager Online, February 20, 2005

[You will not read this in the English-language papers, but this is what many Thais are reading and discussing. Is this a real plan or a ploy to build support for the government's plan to withhold funding to some areas--or both?
This article also demonstrates what we have mentioned before--while in English the government generally insists the separatist movement has nothing to do with foreigners, in the Thai-language press, foreign elements are openly blamed. This type of article is also why most Thais will probably support the PM's hard line despite the impression given by the English-language press that the PM is undergoing a firestorm of criticism for his handling of the South.]

Hat Yai News Center: The Intelligence office found a new piece of a plan to establish Pattani state in five southern border provinces in 80 days. The capital would be Betong and the state would cover Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat, three amphur (districts) in Songkhla (Tepa, Sabayoi and Jana), and two districts (Kuandone and Chalung) in Satun.

The HQs for this insurgency are in Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat and they plan to set up a new capital city in the Betong district of Yala while drafting an Islamic constitution based upon the Iranian Constitution. They will demonatarize the Thai baht. This struggle will run for 80 days before being raised into an international struggle and invite UN inspectors to handle this in the same way Palestine and Free Ache Organization are doing right now.

Foreign forces such as JI, al Quada and Malaysia will not join at this time, but will support the operation once it is finished. They have disguised themselves as tourists as well as the illegal labors from Indonesia. They are trying to marry with Thai women including Thai prostitutes from Hat Yai to Sugei Golok to form new generations. They also invited Muslim Missionaries (Dah Wah) and those Muslim Burmese from Arakan to join the struggle. If the operation does not succeed in 80 days, there will be a suicide in a mosque. They will set up a suicide squad to plant human bombs at Masjid every Friday afternoon during Friday prayers.

The plan to form a Pattani state was made in 1992 and first tried in 1993. The plan was modified in 1994 and came to a deep crisis on its tenth anniversary in 2004. The former plan was to rob guns at Battalion No. 4, Amphur Jorai Rong, Narathiwat using commandos and having a protest at Takbai, Nartivat. For that protest it was forbidden to bring weapons and was supposed to stop at 6pm, but it did not go as planned.  The situation went out of control causing damage, but an advantage was that [the resulting deaths of protesters] will continue to incite future generations. Other protesters disguised themselves as reporters to broadcast news and blame government officers.
It is found that in 2005 they plan to attack the police and military checkpoints and kiosks--to be done by a bomb squad (3-4 men). They are also going to plant big bombs in Bangkok, Chang Mai and Phuket (3 bombs for each targets) to distract the armed forces from concentrating on one area.

However the case of April 28, 2004 [the mosque shootout where over 100 separatists were killed]--it was unconventional plan by commander Uttaz Sohlae. He was blamed by the movement and ordered to drink urine. However the two events benefit the separatists by allowing them to blame government officers.

In 2005, they decide to plant bombs at police and military checkpoints and kiosks--to be done by a bomb squad (3-4 men). They are also going to plant big bombs in Bangkok, Chang Mai and Phuket (3 bombs for each targets). This will distract the armed forces. They also plan to kidnap one district officer from each district to be a hostage to exchange for their members in jail.

A D-day is planned. 10-15 days before D-day, commandos who stay in the mountains of Thambon Ayer Wong, Betong district of Yala will go to the villages that are organized. Weapons will be transferred to each village in the day, because there is less inspection than nighttime. On D-day, commandos and PEMUDA will attack battalions, destroy, steal weapons, and seize high-level government officers as hostages. After that they will withdraw back to forest and wait for the next attack. They will continue attacking in many places combined with planting flags in every village. This operation will be not concentrate on causing damage, but on killing a great number of people in order to get foreign support and have a dialogue for a referendum for self-rule such as in East Timor.

At the same time, 100 commandos in Yaha district of Yala will operate at Yaha Police Office and get cooperation from Muslim students in many universities who will protest to make trouble. 3500 commandos were trained by 50 trainers for 6 months. The members in the villages are organized PEMUDA which is 70-100% composed of local supporting groups. They have collected M-16 and HK 33 rifles and 5000-6000 shotguns. These weapon were collected over 40 years and are in Amphur Bannunagstar, Betong, Yala. They will distribute 2000-3000 rifles to members in five provinces along with funds collected daily and monthly since 2002. Funds will also come from foreign supporters in Sweden, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Malaysia (Banling district of Kota Baru, Kelantan).

The Ponoh who are involved will be in Yaha and Kabang District of Yala. They have relationships with these groups: GMIP, BRNCO, PULO, and BRN Congress. However, the Wahabi Group will have a dialogue when the mission is finished while foreign terrorists will also join the big event.

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