Troubles in the South – September 2005

Troubles in the South - September 2005

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The 66/23 peace plan - October 5, 2005
Royal Degree 66/23 was policy was set up in the time of General Prem Tinlasoolanon (now a privy councilor), Chavalit Yongjaiyuth, and Harn Linanon in 1980. This policy was a multi-point peace plan that started a process that eventually resulted in the remnants of the Communist party in Thailand laying down their arms and participating in being "nation developers." The philosophy of the policy was that the Communists people were really alienated Thais and must be folded back into society through constructive engagement and trust building.
The Democrats are floating this idea to tempt retired political heavyweight Chavalit back into the public eye with an approach in opposition to the PM's. Former NAP party members like Chavalit must also be intrigued by the huge public works projects the government is investing in now.

PM advised to consider invoking 66/23 peace plan for Muslim provinces - TNA, October 3, 2005
...Democrat Party Spokesman Ong-art Klampaiboon said on Sunday that the prime minister should seek advice from Gen. Chavalit, who earlier succeeded in winning over communist insurgents, turning them into law-abiding citizens under the 66/23 policy decades ago...
The government should also review its current plans and policies toward the troubled region to see if government policy itself might possibly have prompted the emergence of ''red villages'', or areas where problems are reportedly intensifying and likely to incite violence...

Thailand goes on full terror alert - Reuters, October 3, 2005
The Thai prime minister said that he has put Thailand’s major tourist spots on full alert today, hinting of links between Muslim militants in the south of the kingdom and the terrorists who staged the latest Bali bombings.
“We have something (information) that causes us to be very cautious and call a full alert,” Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said in response to a question about how Thailand was reacting to suicide bombs on the Indonesian resort island of Bali that killed 26 people on Saturday...

Slate's articles on the South
Slate's superficial series of articles about the problems in the South...
From Separatism to Global Jihad - September 26, 2005
From separatist movement to global jihad in a few dumb missteps (via Friskodude)
Fighting With Ghosts - September 27, 2005
..."Watching that Tak Bai video made my Islamic-ness burn in my chest," he said...
Surviving Tak Bai - September 28, 2005
At the Monastery - September 29, 2005
A Conversation with the Prime Minister - September 30, 2005
...I brought up the subject of civil liberties and press freedom. Every TV channel, for example, is owned and operated by Thaksin's cronies. In 2003, two foreign journalists with the Far Eastern Economic Review were threatened with deportation, editors have been sacked, and unsympathetic reporters investigated for money laundering. Very recently, the prime minister banned all press coverage of the south that the government deems "unfriendly..."

Anand criticises state media - The Nation, September 26, 2005
...Anand said state media had attempted to jeopardise NRC's proposals by misquoting him as saying that Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat belonged to Malaysia.
"I hereby affirm that I've never said so," Anand said.
"The report was false and fabricated. It was aimed to discredit me..."

COMMENT: Paper doves won't bring peace to Southern Thailand--Farish A Noor - Daily Times, September 24, 2005
...The plight of the Southern Provinces are clear to anyone who visits them: they remain among the poorest and least developed part of the country and for decades successive Thai administrations have allowed the army and police a free hand there. By the late 1990s Southern Thailand was known for its criminal networks, smuggling gangs, religious conservatives and corrupt government and security officials.
Thaksin's promise that the two murdered officers would not die for nothing speaks volumes about the man's lack of local sensitivity and ignorance of the issues that matter on the ground there. Over the past two years the Thaksin administration had offered the restive south the most token and superficial gestures of appeasement: from patriotic rallies to the laughable spectacle of an airdrop of millions of paper doves with messages of peace and love on them...

Veteran Thailand Insurgency Leader Grant Interview - The Irrawaddy, September 23, 2005
A veteran Thailand insurgency leader has warned in a recent interview that militants from Indonesia and Arab nations might join the fight in Thailand’s violence-wracked southern provinces...

'A Century of Muslim resistance in southern Thailand' - Pravda, September 22, 2005
What Pravda is reporting: The roots of Thailand's Muslim insurgency go back to the late 18th century when Siam, as Thailand was then known, invaded the independent Sultanate of Pattani, killing its ruler and enslaving large numbers of his subjects...

Newest rebel group headed by Indonesian - Bangkok Post, September 20, 2005
A relatively new group, reportedly headed by an Indonesian, is involved in the current wave of violence in the far South, according to an intelligence source. The source identified the group as the South Warriors of Valaya (SWV), whose goal is to split the so-called Pattani state _ the southernmost Muslim-dominated provinces _ from Thailand.
The SWV, or "Warriors of the South Sea", was headed by an Indonesian identified only as Mudeh. Sapae-ing Basor, principal of Thammawithaya Foundation School in Yala, who is on the run, was acting as his deputy...

Artamart website - September 23, 2005
Wisarut reports: Now, the sense of patriotism along with anti-Americanism and anti-PULO has
reached another high point. Look at the Artamart website. Artamart means the Border patrol Unit during the day of Ayutthaya.

PM vows no 'liberated' zones on Thai soil - TNA, September 22, 2005
Taiwan English teacher Association - September 19, 2005
SSETT - Work Advisory Warnings Taiwan

Islamic separatists say Thai candidate for next UN chief 'unacceptable' - AFP, September 17, 2005
A Thai Islamic separatist movement has told the United Nations Thailand's deputy prime minister was an "unacceptable" candidate to head the world body because his country violated human rights...

Surrender 'or else' - Bangkok Post, September 18, 2005
...He said about 10 students from Ramkhamhaeng and Yala Rajabhat universities who had just returned to their homes in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat were forced to play the part of surrendering separatists. Authorities claimed the students were on the government's blacklist and they would be arrested unless they surrendered. This surprised the students as they had done nothing wrong, Mr Ahmadsomboon said...

(Photo: Dr. Has for
Almost like being there: Budi Market - September 17, 2005
Dr. Has reports: Budi Market is a market selling second-hand goods and it is the biggest market in the deep south. It located in Tambon Budi, Muang Yala. There were lots of people coming to shop here, but nowadays, there are less merchants and only Yala people come to buy.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Seizing war weapons - September 11, 2005
Mr. John reports: Mr. Pracha Taerat, Narathiwat Governor (second from left) has a press conference about seizing a big amount of war weapons in the forest near Long Gong fruit orchard in Ban Yurrapae, Tambon Suwaree, Amphur Ruesor, Narathiwat. The officers suspect that the terrorists hid.

Almost like being there: Finding bombs - September 11, 2005

(Photo: Mr. John for
Mr. John reports: 143 of 1/4 pound dynamite bombs were seized by the police and soldiers who join to reconnoiter for safety and peace near the border of Malaysia, Bala-hala forest area, Mu 9 Tambon Aiyaweng, Amphur Betong, Yala next to Amphure Huluperak , Perak state of Malaysia and Amphure Janae, Amphure Rangae, Narathiwat, in the big camp of former Chinese communist thief.
Clues to Thailand's insurgency - CNN, September 15, 2005
The residents of Lahan village are trying to keep outsiders out, amid a bloody insurgency in south Thailand.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Murder in Yala - September 11, 2005
Mr. John reports: Hit the person who slit rubber: The polices investigate the place and close the route where the bad guy hit Mr. Kongkumzeng Zaekum, 60-years-old, who stay in Amphur Betong,Yala. He was hit on head and back and died on the spot while he was going to slit rubber trees. At the beginning the polices suspected that was done by bad guys (separatists) in that area who want to aggravate the situation.

(Photo: Mr. John for

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Repair at a temple - September 8, 2005
Mr. John reports: Repair the temple pavilion: 30 marine officers who are technical and construction team demolish the ruins and construct a new roof at Panason Temple, Thambon Kokkien, Narathiwat. A bomb damaged the pavilion and injured six persons in the village safety team--one died.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Practice - September 7, 2005
Mr. John reports: Practice for emergency event: The Had Yai Airport company practiced the first practice for emergency events in 2005 under the name of Homex-05. These drills are set up by ICAO and require that the airport should have emergency training one time every two years for at least one hour. This practice was successful as planned.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Booby-trapping a car - September 8, 2005
Mr. John reports: Officers investigate Pol. Cpl. Seksan Duelamae's Toyota (license 3414). He is a policeman at Sungai-kolok, Narathiwat. The bad guys hid a bomb under his car and detonated it by mobile phone when the car came to the check point in Amphur Takbai. Four people in the car were injured.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Thailand appoints first Muslim army commander - Reuters, September 8, 2005
Overwhelmingly Buddhist Thailand, struggling to end an increasingly bloody insurgency in its largely Muslim south, appointed its first Muslim army chief on Thursday...

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Asking for Peace - September 10, 2005
Mr. John reports: Lt. Gen. Kwanchat Klaharn, director of the Southern Border Provinces Peace-building Command, and Pracha Taerat, Narathiwat Governor were chairpersons of the ceremony "Declare the intention that we are against the unrest and terrorizing the people in Kaliza, Rangae, Narathiwat. Mr. Waedueramae Mamingji, chairperson of the Islam Committee, Pattani, lead the remarks to 1000 people including clerics doing Lamad Hayad asking for peace at the ground of Bankanua school, Amphur Rangae, Narathiwat.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Peace Bird Statue - September 10, 2005
Mr. John reports: Mr. Yongyuth Tiyapairat, Natural Resource and Environment Minister is the chairperson of a ceremony setting up the Peace Bird at the fountain roundabout in Kromluang Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Park, Narathiwat. This is a memorial statue showing the concern of Thai people who folded paper birds for peace in the deep south on December 2, 2004.

Kingdom of Conflict - The Irrawaddy, August, 2005
Left: ...Little has changed since then, but it is Thailand's strength that a book like this can now be published in the country. And that could be the beginning of a meaningful discussion about the roots of the problem in the South and what the way forward should be.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Closing the village - September 7, 2005
Mr. John reports: Children in Ban Lahan, Tambon Paluroo, Amphur Sungaipadi, Narathiwat bring wood to close the village. They do not want officers to enter because they wonder if the officers were involved in the death of Mr. Satopa Yuzo, cleric of village mosque.
On September 4, TNA reported the Narathiwat did visit the building and the situation was diffused: Narathiwat governor meets family of slain religious leader - TNA, September 4, 2005

Almost like being there: Bombing a van - September 6, 2005
Mr. John reports: A Nissan van that Mr. Kloy Chuvit, an driver officer for the Sungai-kolok municipality, was driving to pick up 14 officers in Thambon Paluru was bombed. Two tires exploded and the windscreen was broken. Fortunately no one was injured.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Almost like being there: Dead merchant - September 8, 2005
Mr. John reports: The police investigate Mr. Sama-ae Jehvae, 50-years-old, of Amphur Rangae, Narathiwat, who was shot by the bad guy who followed him as he went to buy long kong fruit in another village. He was died on the way to hospital.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Rebels control 2 districts PM told - Bangkok Post, September 9, 2005
Insurgents have control over two districts of Narathiwat where up to 99% of local people are their sympathisers, a group of southern opposition Democrat MPs told the government yesterday. Songkhla MP Thavorn Senniam said insurgents wielded much influence over Narathiwat's Cho Airong and Sungai Padi districts and several other areas...

Thailand urges UNHCR away from Muslims fleeing unrest - The Nation, September 6, 2005
..."These people are not refugees, and it's unlikely the UNHCR needs to get involved," he said.
"This is a case of illegal entry. Many people go back and forth across the border, this just happens to be a large number of them," he said...

Malaysia is as responsible as Thailand for the situation in southern Thailand -, September 4, 2005
The Malaysian foreign minister, Syed Hamid Albar, has called on Thailand to win over its Muslims. He meant the Malay provinces of southern Thailand, which has remained provinces of Thailand for over a century, as Kelatantan and Trengannu was until 1942 and during the war years part of Japanese empire. It was only after the war that it became part of Malaya...

(Photo: Mr. John for
Almost like being there: Bombing a monk - September 2, 2005

Mr. John reports: Bombing a monk: Police checked the area where the bad guys planted bombs in front of a business card making shop. The explosion injured a monk and one soldier who was protecting the monk as he was collecting offering. The monk's leg was badly wounded.

Troubles in the South

Thai Embassy clarifies - Jakarta Post, September 5, 2005
I refer to the article of Thang D. Nguyen titled Thaksin can learn from Indonesia that appeared in the Aug. 25 edition of The Jakarta Post, making an analogy between problems in the southern provinces of Thailand and Aceh.
...We, Thai people, always believe that violence begets more violence. Therefore, the need for a peaceful solution to conflict is well embedded in the hearts and minds of Thai people to the extent that it has become their way of life.
The new round of violence in the southern provinces, which started in January 2004, is a result of a complicated mixture of factors. It is no secret that the area has been subject to a threat by separatists for quite some time, especially during the 1970s and 1980s.
To assume that the root cause of the problem in southern Thailand is a demand for independence is awfully wrong. The 70 percent turnout in the last general election in February 2005 in the five southernmost provinces clearly showed what the majority of people want...

Thai "no-go zone" village says hardline policy stokes rebellion - AFP, September 4, 2005
Thai Muslims from this village which has declared itself a "no-go zone" to authorities say the government's hardline response to a Muslim insurgency has terrorised and radicalised them...

Malaysia not to hand back Thai Muslims - Arab News, September 3, 2005
...Malaysia is under some pressure domestically to treat the group sympathetically. But it also risks upsetting Thailand which, according to Syed Hamid, has denied the group's claims. "I have spoken twice today to the Thai foreign minister and he has told me there is no truth to them," he said, referring to media reports that the Thais were afraid to return home...

Bangkok urged to win hearts and minds of Thai Muslims - Bernama, September 3, 2005
The Thai government should take the initiative to win the hearts and minds of the six million Muslims in southern Thailand and avoid using force which had proved ineffective in solving the region's troubles, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said.
He said Bangkok should hold negotiations with the leaders of the Muslims to resolve the problems in the region...

Thailand rejects Malaysian opposition politician's advice on Thai Muslims - TNA, September 4, 2005
..."Such criticism, whether intentional or not, clearly shows that Datuk Nik Aziz ignores or fails to realize the significance of any effort which the Thai government has been trying to apply to resolve the problem in the region," Mr. Sihasak said in a Ministry statement. "His remarks go against the spirit of close cooperation between Thailand and the Malaysian government to promote co-existence along the border..."

Almost like being there: Investigation - September 1, 2005

Mr. John reports: Police investigate the bad guy who killed Mr. Abdul loh Mali, 38-years-old, from Tambon Yupo, Yala. He was a religious teacher of Isam Pattanavittayamoonniti, Tambon Lummai, on his way to work to teach.

(Photo: Mr. John for

Troubles in the South index page
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