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July-August 2008
"Ceasefire" announcement
January-June 2008
Bombings in Narathiwat - October 30, 2007
Investigating a tea shop bombing - October 27, 2007
Call from a southern militant - September 8, 2007
Protest in the deep south - June 15, 2007
May-June 2007
Hat Yai bombings - May 27, 2007
Left: A phone booth in Amphur Raman, Yala Province burned by insurgents.

April 2007
March 2007
March 2007 women's protest
February 2007
January 2007

Burning teachers
December 2006
Editorial cartoon from the southern separatists
November 2006
Deep South Diary - Another call from a southern separatist
October 2006
Hat Yai blasts exclusive: Conversation with a southern separatist
September 2006

Bank bombing headlines
August 2006
July 2006
June 2006
May 2006
February-April 2006
January 2006

December 2005
November 2005
October 2005
Crash in Yala - September, 2005
September 2005
August 2005
August 2005 - Yala closed
July 2005
May-June 2005
Tadika Sumphan 2005 - April 27-28, 2005
Songkhla bombings - April 3, 2005

April 2005
March 2005
From the Thai-language press: 80-day plan to form Pattani state - Manager Daily, February 20, 2005
From the Thai-language press: A nation divided - translation and summary from Manager Daily, February 8, 2005
January-February 2005

October-December 2004
The Tak Bai incident and the Tak Bai VCD
January-September 2004

Also Nationalism & Right-wing Politics

Also Wanted posters from Yala

Also Translation of a leaflet left by 'bandits' in the deep South - May 1, 2005

Also Translation of a leaflet left by 'bandits' in the deep South - February 22, 2005

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Almost like being there: Shooting on a Yala street - October 31, 2005
The motorcycle of
Pol. Sgt. Maj. Charoon Sakdarattanakul, 58 lies on a small Yala street that looks like any other street in Thailand. The policeman was shot in the chest and leg by two men on a motorcycle at 11:30am on October 31, 2005.
The policeman on the left takes a digital photo of a broken mobile phone. (TNA reports that the injured policeman was found "lying in a pool of blood," but the only blood we can see in the variety of photos of the scene we have is the small spot to the left of the "1" marker.)
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