Sorry for using excessive force

From Thairath, May 29, 2018

Title: Sorry for the police using excessive force on you.
Phra Buddha Isara: Yes… being in jail for the country.
On the hand: former Phra Buddha Isara
At top right is Dhammachayo: Is there anyone to apologize to me?
On his robe: Dhammakaya
Phi Nooring: Have you apologized to them? [meaning those killed in the 2010 Red Shirt protests]
Mouse: April-May 2553 [the 2010 Red Shirt protests in Bangkok]

[Refers to PM Prayuth Chan-o-cha and Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwon who apologized for the handling of the arrest of Phra Buddha Isara. Phra Buddha Isara was charged with illegal association for his role in the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) protests and also for using royal initials without permission on a series of amulets.
Phra Buddha Isara is a senior monk respected by the Eastern Tigers military group (consisting of PM Prayuth, Deputy PM Prawit and Deputy PM Anupong Paochinda, among others). His participation in protests against the Pheu Thai-led government was instrumental in creating conditions that led to the 2014 coup. His arrest led to many theories about why this military ally was being targeted.
This cartoon calls on the junta to treat other groups equally. For example, the authorities used massive force in their attempt to arrest Dhammakaya’s abbot Dhammachayo. There is also still not accounting for deaths of Red Shirt protesters in Bangkok in 2010.]

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