Sorajja predicts 2011 to be even more disastrous than 2009

Sorajja predicts 2011 to be even more disastrous than 2009 - Thailand has a chance to lose territory - The world will be more aberrant with piles of death - translated and summarized from Matichon, October 26, 2010
The issue has become the hot topic of the town after the prediction about disasters related to Thailand as told by Sorajja Nuanyoo, the famous astrologer of Thailand who is also known as the Thai Nostradamus.
The famous book "Astrology Science Year 2009" told of much chaos and loss precisely including the bloody political crisis causing great loss of people's lives. In the late April to May, Thais lost "national harmony" until the city arson occurred the following year. This included mass death from plane accident, cars, etc. and recently, the flood in the North, Central, the Northeastern regions which is coming close to Bangkok, generating sufferings to people everywhere...

[We have mentioned this before, but foreigners are often surprised to see that predictions of astrologers share front page headline room with normal factual news items. Belief in fortune telling is widespread and predictions do arouse great interest with the public. The interesting thing about the predictions is that they rarely contain surprising material, but instead follow the predictions made by conventional political analysts and commentators. So when one reads a rather negative and worrisome prediction it is always an indicator of the current state of feeling about the future. Thus, these predictions are most correctly seen as reflecting the current conventional wisdom at the moment.]

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