Songkran Cartoons 2015


From Arun, April 11, 2015
Top right corner: We shall organize another event ‘to ask for forgiveness from the ‘elder man’ who is about 80 years old.
Top left corner: Q-Kon, Arun Watcharasawat [the name of column and the cartoonist]
This year on Songkran, the senior academics will organize the event to ask for forgiveness from the student group called Daow Din. The event is called ‘the elder Rod Nam Dam Hua the youth’ with the aims to ask for the forgiveness from the youth because the elder academics can’t protect the young generation. So, they ask for forgiveness.
Man: Sorry, I can’t protect you, grandpa.

[This cartoon illustrates a Songkran ritual, ‘Rod Nam Dam Hua’ in which the young anoint the hands of their elders.
In the cartoon forgiveness is being asked of the Thai constitution represented by Democracy Monument. The idea is that the academics (always a potent force in Thai politics) are unable to halt the junta’s new constitution which they imply is a shame and a disgrace.
All of this refers to a controversial reversal of the Rod Nam Dam Hua ceremony this year in which academics anointed the hands of their students and asked for forgiveness because they cannot use their traditional influence to give them a good future (i.e. democracy).
The reversal of this ceremony is a potent symbol that caused great anger among traditionalists and anti-Thaksin groups. They contend that once again Thaksin is crossing revered taboos to further his cause–in this case contending that the issue of the constitution is simply about wanting democracy when in fact (they contend) all of this is caused by Thaksin’s own attempts, as little as a year ago, to amend and weaken the constitution’s checks and balances on party power and to pardon himself.]

From Naewna, April 12, 2015
A word close to PM Prayuth: Article 44
Caption: Songkran splendors
[Refers to Songkran festival in Thailand. In the cartoon, instead of pouring a water on people, PM Prayuth is an exorcist using blessed water (in the guise of Section 44’s absolute power) to exorcise the ghost of Thaksin.]


From Post Today, April 13, 2015
Title: Happy Songkran day
The man driving a car is PM Prayuth.
Three men on the Humvee (left-middle-right): Somkid Jatusripitak, Advisor to the NCPO,
Gen. Anupong Paocinda, Interior Minister, and Bowornsak Uwanno, Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee
A man holding the car door: Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Defense Minister and Deputy PM
A man with yellow shirt: Air Chief Marshal Prajin Jungtong, Transport Minister
A man on the plane: Thaksin Shinawatra
Who are the others in the cartoon?
The red crab is Former PM Yingluck whose nickname is “Poo” or “crab” in Thai.
Word under the red crab: Frangjai (name of cartoonist)
[The cartoon shows Junta’s government members playing Songkran. Democracy Monument is on the top of the Humvee illustrating the key mission of this government is to draft a new constitution.]

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