Songkran cartoon 2020

From Matichon, April 13, 2020
Flag on the left: Year of the Rat
Flag on the right: Songkran 2563 (A.D.2020)

[Songkran festival or Thai New Year would have been held April 13-15, 2020, but it was cancelled due to the pandemic.
It is the year of the rat according to Chinese year naming conventions. Also, according to a traditional Thai belief, the new year is represented by a specific Songkran lady riding a different animal along with other particular details. This cartoon shows Songkran ladies carrying hand sanitizer.
In the past, every printed newspaper had its own special Songkran cartoon, drawn by their own political cartoonist, and featured on the front page of the paper at the beginning of the Songkran festival.
However, due to the closure of so many newspapers, this tradition has almost ceased.]

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