Happy Songkran 2013

(Source: Photo, circa 1920’s)

Above: Traditional image of Songkran – Pouring fragrant water over the hands of the elderly in the rod nam dam hua ceremony.

From Thairath, April 6, 2012
The cartoon title reads: If you cannot get over Thaksin… then some people will be sorrowful and some will be joyful.
On the hooded figure: Objection to Thaksin’s amnesty – Gave an order to suppress people.
On the Thaksin figures: Wanna go home & Love Thaksin
Small Thaksin at bottom left: Give back justice.
Other small Thaksin: Bring the one who kill people to be punished.

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Above: Songkran on Khao Sarn Road

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(Photo: Rapee for 2Bangkok.com)

Above: Spectacular images from along Ratchadamneorn Road from Songkran 2005 when the Thai Rak Thai government was promoting Thai holidays for a world audience. After they were ousted, this sort of promotion ceased.

Above: Songkran is known as the worst time of the year for vehicle-related deaths caused mostly by drunkenness and careless motorcycle drivers.

From Komchadluek, April 13, 2011
The caption to the photo reads: Cutting off accidents – The police from the Highway Police division and the Buriram Highway police launch the mascot of “Sargent Safety” and “Volunteer Death Messenger” and provide drinking water, maps and sacred water from Luangpor Koon [a revered monk] for drivers as part of the campaign to cut accident rate during Songkran.
The words on the sign around the devil’s neck reads: [I love] speed drivers who hurt other – [I am] Coming to take the careless drivers – [I] Love drunk drivers

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