Sondhi will still shine


From Manager, September 7, 2016
Only say goodbye to come back again in the same sky
Return with the light to the world
Still be the same Sun but different timing
Standing with the mightiness of the Sun
By Surawitch Verawan

[This refers to former Yellow-shirt founder and head of the Manager Media Group Sondhi Limthongkul. He was jailed for fraudulent dealings involving his company that violated the Securities and Exchange Act.
In the poem, Sondhi is praised as the Sun since his offices are on Phraarthit Road. “Phraarthi” means the “sun” in Thai. The poem says that even though Sondhi is jailed, he is still shining.
Some claim that Thaksin’s unwillingness to help Sondhi evade his legal cases is what initially sparked Sondhi-sponsed protests against Thaksin (although the excess of Thaksin’s regime provided plenty of reasons for protest).
Others speculate that Sondhi’s willingness to face justice and be incarcerated is supposed to contrast with Thaksin’s unwillingness to serve time for charges brought against him.
Most feel that Sondhi will be pardoned after a few years for good behavior. This is an expected outcome for high profile people who humbly submit to the law and serve their time.]

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