Some will commit suicide

From Manager, August 29, 2019
Caption: We believe… as long as this government stays… there will be an increase in people committing suicide.
On the sign in the back: PT Pheu Thai party
On the sign at left: People think. Pheu Thai does. Maew-Poo escape [the motto of the party modified to note that the party leaders–Thaksin (Maew) and Yingluck (Poo)–have fled the country to escape legal cases]

[This cartoon makes a joke of the pro-Thaksin/pro-Red Shirt tradition of publicizing people who commit suicide–either from financial woes or over political angst–and warning that more suicides will occur unless pro-Thaksin/pro-Red Shirt parties are returned to power.
The cartoonist notes that the longer the military-backed government holds on to power, the more dire things will be for the opposition Pheu Thai.
Rumors have been swirling that the overseas support for the party–meaning from Thaksin and his family–has dried up. This has led to defections and the loss of key party members that failed to win in the last election.
While the Pheu Thai has touted progressive ideas and steadfastly opposed military rule, it was always seen as a political vehicle for Thaksin’s ambitions. Thus the flashy Future Forward Party has stolen popularity from the Pheu Thai, especially from the younger generation.]

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