Social media proves its worth in a time of need

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Click for clarity – The Nation, November 1, 2011
Nearly as bad as the threat of flooding for residents of Bangkok was the flood of conflicting information about why, when and how much. You needed a lot of sandbags to keep out the contradictions – and the panic of not knowing for sure…

Vital sources of information during crisis – The Nation, November 1, 2011
…”The FROC and many mainstream media have made people panic, while social media tells them what to expect and what to do, as well as what kind of supplies are needed right now. Social media has allowed the publication of pictures and evidence, so quarrelling with bias will fade away,” he said.

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2 Responses to Social media proves its worth in a time of need

  1. wk says:

    “Click for clarity” was a Nation story. Credit where credit is due.

  2. wk says:

    Actually, both those stories are from The Nation.

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