So afraid of the Shinawatras?


From Thairath, January 8, 2016
Title: It’s really haunted!
On the calendar: Happy New Year 2559 [2016]
Phi Nooring: They’re writhing.
A mouse: Even if you don’t believe it, you can’t disrespect it. [meaning even if you do not believe that the Shinawatra family are the nation’s saviors, you should let people respect them]

[This cartoon ridicules the reaction of the junta to the distribution of Thaksin and Yingluck’s New Year calendar to Pheu Thai Party supporters. Bugs and geckos refer to anti-Thaksin groups. The cockroach refers to the Democrat Party as this party can survive and join with any other party or a junta. For the geckos in Thai, it normally refers to people who can adjust to any situation.
The cartoonist jokes that the junta’s reaction to the calendar was with fear–as if the calendar is haunted.]

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