Snake at the Ballot Box

From Thairath, May 2, 2011
The cartoon headline: The power of Hoy [derogatory nickname of Newin Chidchob mocking the shape of his lower lip]
The word on the cobra: Bhumjaithai
The letter on the cobra: N [referring to Newin]
The cobra says: If [I] win, then [you will] lose [some benefits]
On the sign being held by the snake: Special power
On the box under the snake: Election 2011 – Democracy – Justice
On the sign being held by the man: Power of the people
The letter close to the snake’s head: FOR FORR [in Thai, this is the threatening sound a snake makes]
On sign being hold by the mouse: Release the UDD prisoner
[This refers to Newin and his Bhumjaithai being the enemies of Thaksin and his Pheu Thai since, in 2008, Newin’s party joined the Democrat-led government and dashed Thaksin hopes of new elections or a weak, minority government.]

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