Slum Children Facing Dire Plight/Bangkok now second costliest city

Children in Bangkok Slums Facing Dire Plight –, March 12, 2012
Plaa is a three-year-old from Klong Toey, the poorest area of Bangkok. Her mother, who has a list of drug-related offences, uses the child as a drug mule to avoid detection by the police.
Then there is Noi, who comes from a family of addicts. The four-year-old plays with plastic bags lying around. She imitates her mother by holding a bag to her nose and inhaling. It is a habit for her glue-sniffing mother…

Bangkok now second costliest city in the region – Bangkok Post, March 12, 2012
…In Southeast Asia, Singapore topped the chart, followed by Bangkok, Jakarta (70th position on the complete list), Kuala Lumpur (74th), Bandar Seri Begawan (93rd), Hanoi (110th), Ho Chi Minh (113th), Phnom Penh (114th) and Manila (120th)…

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