Six Years Ago Today: 2 Billion Dollar Takeover: PM’s clan agrees to sell Shin to S’pore
วันนี้เมื่อ 6 ปีที่แล้ว : การยึดสองพันล้านเหรียญ : กลุ่มนายกเห็นด้วยที่จะขายหุ้นชินแก่สิงคโปร์

Six Years Ago Today: $2-BN TAKEOVER: PM’s clan agrees to sell Shin to S’pore
[After a year of PAD protests that had little effect on Thaksin or the public, it was the massive sale of Shin Corp that ignited widespread public ire against Thaksin.
Update: Several readers pointed out that the protest movement was not yet called “PAD” then–the anti-Thaksin gatherings were the public stagings of Sondhi’s political affairs show that had been taken off the air by the government.]

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