Singapore to individually license websites that report on the country, requires a $50K bond against bad taste

Singapore to individually license websites, require a $50K bond against bad taste – BoingBoing, May 29, 2013
…The regulation will extend to foreign-hosted sites that report on Singapore, though it’s not clear what the Singaporean government will do if, for example, the New York Times declines to obey…

News websites to be individually licensed –, May 28, 2013
…Only online news sites which fulfil two specific criteria will be subjected to individual licensing.
1) Sites which publish at least eight articles on Singapore over a period of two months.
2) They must also have been visited by at least 50,000 unique IP addresses from Singapore each month, over the same period.
So far, 10 such sites have been identified. All belong to mainstream media, with the exception of Yahoo news.
The 10 websites are:…

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