Signs from the Truckers’ NGV Protest


The sign reads: Why isn’t NGV available in the market? This must be answered!!!


The sign reads: The Land of the Thais must remain for our Thai descendants.
[The 14 small maps show areas lost by Thailand to other countries and pictures of the reigning kings starting from 1786 to the present.]
Text close to the big map reads: The total area lost is bigger than what we have left. All the Thai kings have protected our land to keep it out of foreigners’ hands by giving up a large amount in exchange for recognition of Thailand’s sovereignty. Don’t let minor conflicts break up our unity.


The sign reads: The NGV Users’ Network opposes NGV price rises – PTT has cheated us and tricked us into switching to NGV – Taking care of our NGV equals taking care of the Earth, so we say you do not love yourself.

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