Shouting at the theater

From Thairath, July 9, 2013
Title: People from this party like shouting at the theater.
Left: Past in 2489 [the year 1946]
A man: Whatever happens, let’s blame Mr. Pridi.
Caption: Shouting at Chalermkrung theater.
Right: Present in 2556 [the year 2013]
A hooded man: Whatever happens, let’s blame Thaksin and PM Poo [Yingluck].
Written on a hooded man: Order to kill people
Caption: Talk show at Scala theater
[This refers to a Thai cultural convention where controversial political statements can be made while shouting in the anonymity of a darkened movie theater. These can be threats against rivals or even accusations that include the monarchy.
Specifically, the cartoon refers to two incidents related to the Democrat Party. First is when someone, supposedly from the Democrat Party, shouted at the cinema blaming Mr. Pridi Banomyong for killing King Rama VIII. This is compared to an event this year when former PM Abhisit Vejjajiva held a talk entitled “2032: Looking into the Future” which touched on the political and economic issues of this government and blamed them for many problems.]

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