Should the U.S. Issue a Travel Warning on Thailand?

Should the U.S. Issue a Travel Warning on Thailand? –, August 20, 2011
[For an advocacy blog pushing Thaksin/Red Shirt issues, this Thailand part of the Robert Amsterdam blog has always been uncompromising in pointing out enemies and issues for its clients.]
…It would be helpful to know whether Kenney’s efforts to block discussion of a U.S. citizen being held as a political prisoner in Thailand represents official policy, individual discretion, or a misunderstanding…

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3 Responses to Should the U.S. Issue a Travel Warning on Thailand?

  1. Jon Wright says:

    I’m not sure Thaksin would want to be knocking Thailand now that his ‘clone’ is in charge. In addition the main thrust of the piece is questioning Kristie Kenney’s motives – and I’m not sure why she should be an ‘enemy’ or an ‘issue’ for Thaksin. I’m guessing Robert Amsterdam wrote this in his free time.

  2. Tim says:

    Yes, The US should warn travelers and or residents of the pending changings that are coming. I’ve lived in Thailand for over 10 years and can hoenstly tell you that when you live in a country where $$ is power, your life can be at risk at any moment should you chose to discredit or force any Thai official to lose face. In Thailand it’s all about losing face not so mcuh what you did wrong! My advice would be to spend your $$ in Vietnam or Cambodia. These peoples mentalities are far less greedy and selfish than the average typical Thai.

  3. Jon Wright says:

    Tim, I agree, with the exception of the ‘Cambodia’ part.

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