Should Obama be involved with the Dhammachayo case?


From an image circulated on social media: Ask [yellow] Thai people yet whether they want [yellow] Obama [white] to be involved in the Dhammachayo case

[This is from a news agency named T-News owned by Sonthiyan Pornpatrakul. It is anti-Thaksin since Sonthiyan joined Suthep in the anti-Yingluck protests.
The graphic refers to Dhammakaya’s controversial abbot Dhammachayo who is now facing an arrest warrant due to a money laundering and embezzlement scandal. His U.S.-based disciples are gathering 100,000 signatures to petition US President Obama for help since they claim they cannot stand the injustice and unfair treatment by Thailand’s authorities towards Dhammachayo.
This petition is being used by local nationalists as evidence that the U.S. is once again on the verge of interfering in Thailand’s internal affairs.]

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