Shooting a police officer is too easy

From Manager, August 31, 2011
Chalerm speaks to his son: Chai, shooting a police officer is too easy. I’m gonna show you that I can shoot a Police Chief like Police General Wichien.
[This refers to the effort by the government to remove the current police chief and replace him with a Thaksin relative. Chalerm’s son was embroiled in several scandals, including one where a police officer was shot in a nightclub.]

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3 Responses to Shooting a police officer is too easy

  1. Maizefield Mobile says:

    Was Chuvit set up by some hidden hand to damage the police chief? Or did he start on his little crusade with some knowledge that Ai Lerm would exploit it to the hilt? Either way, I have no particular desire to blame Chuvit, since the RTA so clearly is rotten to the core – Lerm and his sons being case in point. Let’s just say, however, that Chuvit is neither the brightest bulb on the block or anywhere near as agressive as his silly political posters would (perhaps) lead us to believe. This country is awash with cunning stunts, but most of them could hardly be perceived as either intelligent or effective.

  2. Maizefield Mobile says:

    Correction – RTP. Not that a single letter really matters that much.

  3. Wiz says:

    Now, Choowit DENYING the allegation that he has received the information from Ai Chaloem about the illegal casino near Sutthisarn Police station and Chokchai 4 Road (AKA Lad Phrao 53) as pretext to remove Pol. Gen. Wichian (Police Chief)

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