Shinawatra family drama

From Manager, July 13, 2017
Thaksin’s sister Yaowapa Wongsawat: Who are you? We know nothing of where you come from… how dare you come to get all of our assets!!!
On the chair: Leader of Pheu Thai party.
Caption: Baan Sai Thong 4.0

[This cartoon shows Thaksin’s relatives, including this ex-wife Pojaman, his children and brother-in-law ex-PM Somchai, confronting yet another sibling, Monthathip Kovitcharoenkul, who is apparently being picked from obscurity to lead the Pheu Thai Party.
As both the Pheu Thai Party and the Red Shirts are essentially family businesses owned by the Shinawatra family, it is important that only a loyal family member lead the party. Allowing any outsider who has their own political faction and loyalties to lead the party risks a drift from Shinawatra control.
The danger of drift is even more likely considering the new constitution that allows the military to hold sway over politics. This means elected MPs will know a pardon from Thaksin is impossible and thus there is little reason to back up his desire to force one by any means.
This cartoon jokes that there are divisions even within the family as some would not want another political novice to gain control of the family assets. This family battle alludes to the Baan Sai Thong TV drama.
The story of the show is that the main actress comes to a house called “Baan Sai Thong” on order of her dead father. The owner of the house is the sister of her dead father.
This plot seems remarkably similar to the Shinawatra family where Thaksin sister Yaowapa and ex-wife Pojaman hold the political power of the family and would likely be wary of an outsider holding party power.]

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