She helped the farmers so she can’t stay here…

From Thairath, September 5, 2017
Title: How we live in this country
Above left, Yingluck flying: Helping farmers… can’t stay.
Sign on rice bags: Rice pledging scheme
On farmers’ banner: Helping to develop the lives of farmers
Above right: Order death… still at large
On street signs Khok Wua Intersection; Ratchaprasong Intersection [both areas where Red Shirt protesters clashed with the military and deaths resulted; the man picture is Suthep who led the anti-amnesty protests against the Pheu Thai government]
Below right: Victims who were surrounded in 2010
Mouse: Must not die in vain.
Mouse man: Can’t they find a person who killed them?

[This compares the actions of former PM Yingluck, who fled the country before the reading of the verdict on her party’s rice pledging scheme, with those who killed Red Shirt protesters at various times in the recent past.
This contends that Yingluck’s action were ultimately only about helping the lives of Thailand’s poor farmers. Meanwhile, those responsible for the deaths of protesters are still unaccused and remain free in the country.]

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