Shadows behind PM Prayuth


From Thairath, March 18, 2015
Title: Don’t stay amid fear.
Paper help by PM Prayuth: Need time for returning happiness
On the shadows: Martial law; Violating human rights
On signs held by people: Social and political problems; tax problems; safety in everyday life; economic problems
[Refers to dissatisfaction with pressure the junta has put on people in its supposed quest for reconciliation.]

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One Response to Shadows behind PM Prayuth

  1. Wiz says:

    Now, we have tracked down those watermelon top brasses including Big Jiw who have come to talk with CPT men of Isan region to revive Dok Jan strategy – revival of Khon Kaen model once more –
    Furthermore, those ex CPT men of Isan also got the alliance of Isan red star, Ai Phichit Phithak (hencemen of Kroo Pratheep) and NGO network to make a union with those left wing intellectuals within Khon Kaen University to mobilize the Youths to joint with Dok Jan movements to protect Ai Maew – This is due to the fact that those watermelon top brasses and CPT men badly want to overthrow Thai monarchy before they died — even though it will cause power vacuum and anarchy behind after they died. — This CPT gang also has a connection with those PT-UDD fugitives who are now under protection of LPDR Politburo – very dangerous to national security

    Condemnation toward those watermelon top brasses, CPT men of Isan region to revive Dok Jan strategy along with their popular front

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