Several parties, same owner

From Manager, February 19, 2019
Sudarat and Jatuporn: You can move to our shop… Same product, same owner… only different branches.
Sign on the shops from left to right: Pheu Thai, Thai Raksa Chart, Pheu Chart Caption: Just like 7-11

[Refers to the political parties Pheu Thai, Thai Raksa Chart and Pheu Chart. Thai Raksa Chart and Pheu Chart were split off from the Pheu Thai to take advantage of the new constitution that penalizes larger political parties.
Recently, the Thai Raksa Chart has faced legal jeopardy for inviting King Rama X’s elder sister Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya to be its PM candidate.
The cartoonist jokes that the members of that party should just go back to one of the other two parties known to be controlled by Thaksin.]

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