Seven Years Ago This Month: Dropping Paper Cranes
เดือนนี้เมื่อ 7 ปีก่อน : การปล่อยนกกะเรียนกระดาษ

Thailand Has Photos of Malaysian Camps, Govt Says – Bloomberg, December 21, 2004
…”Thailand has photos to prove that Muslim terrorists are training in camps in Malaysia near the border with southern Thai provinces, said Thai Deputy Interior Minister Sutham Sangprathum…”

Thailand Drops Millions of Paper Doves on Muslim Provinces – Bloomberg, December 4, 2004
…”Thai military and civilian aircraft rained 120 million paper doves down on Muslim southern provinces in a goodwill gesture…” “The doves, crafted by Thais across the nation at the urging of the government, may be an empty peace gesture, critics said. “All the resources that have been dedicated to make paper birds should have been used to find a solution to the problem,” said Sunai Phasuk, adviser to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee…”
[Thanks to Tom for pointing these out.]

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