Tools used to “kill” Samak and Yingluck as PMs


From Thairath, September 11, 2014
Title: The same killing tools
On the judge: Hastening
On book held by judge: Thai Dictionary
On man being hit (the man is supposed to be former premier Samak): “Tasting, Grumbling” [name of a TV show Samak hosted]
On shirt of man in the front: NACC
On a book held by him: TDRI research study
On a paper held by Yingluck: Rice pledging scheme
Book in a toilet: Law
On paper in the toilet: Justice
Phi Nooring: The same schools.
A mouse: Reform the justice system

[The cartoon compares the case of the former PM Samak Sundaravej and former PM Yingluck Shinawatra. Both were dismissed from their PM posts due to legal rulings.
Samak resigned after the court ruled that he had breached the constitution by working as a host of TV shows, including ‘Tasting, Grumbling,’ after he took the office.
While the international media simply reported that the ruling was a technicality based on his employment, there were a number of other factors involved in the judgement and cited in the ruling.
These included Samak lying about the actual remuneration–he said he received nothing but travel expenses, but had earlier admitted he received 80,000 baht per month. He also was found to be lying about the programs being pre-recorded before he assumed the premiership.
Some felt that the ruling against Samak was too harsh. Later, one of the judges admitted that there were some mistakes in their decision because they had to quickly rule on the case.
Yingluck was removed from her post for the unconstitutional transfer of a government official as part of a reshuffle to allow a Thaksin relative to control the Royal Thai Police. At present, investigations are ongoing concerning her culpability in the rice-pledging scheme.
This cartoon reflects a frequent demand of the Red Shirts–that the judicial system and other unelected checks be constitutional weakened so it cannot act against–in effect disband–an elected government by disqualifying a prime minister.]

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