Seizing more of Thaksin’s money

From Manager, July 12, 2017
On the newspaper Thaksin is reading: Found only 1 million in Maew’s [Thaksin’s] account
Caption: This news reminds Maew… that his transportation is still not efficient.

[This refers to a recent ruling that attempted to seize more of Thaksin’s assets. When they attempted to seize his accounts they only found one million left.
We think the joke is that Thaksin’s local staff must have drained this accounts.
The truck also brings to mind the events of 2010 when billions of baht were withdrawn from accounts of Thaksin’s children (During Red Shirt rally, Thaksin children withdraw more than 10 billion baht). The allegation being that the money was meant to pay protesters as well as pay off MPs to remain loyal to Thaksin during the violent protests.]

Also from 2010: Shinawatras withdraw B1bn cash – Accounts siphoned ‘to avoid tax levy’
Also from 2011: Disappearing Article? “B10bln baht cash disappears from system”

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