Second time murder

From Thairath, August 11, 2013
Title: Second time murder
Amara Pongsapich, chairperson of the National Human Right Commission (NHRC), is holding a gun with “NHRC’s report” on it.
Hooded figure: 100 deaths, order to kill people
Left sign: Live fire area [a sign up up by the military during the 2010 protests]
Right sign: Khok Wua Intersection, Ratchaprasong Intersection
Phi Nooring: Too cruel than any word can express.
A mouse: Don’t protect the murderers.
[Refers to the controversial report on the April-May 2010 crackdown published by the NHRC. The report was criticized for taking the side of the Abhisit’s government instead of people affected by this crackdown.]

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