Searching for the Shinawatras

From Manager, May 8, 2013
Left: Google search: “E-Ngo”
Caption: Alias of current Prime Minister
Right: Google search: “E-Aoun”
Caption: Alias of the next Prime Minister

[“E-Ngo” is a rude Thai word meaning “silly lady.” The cartoonist implies her public gaffes–such as speaking incorrect words or her English ability–make her silly.
On the right is Yingluck’s elder sister Yaowapa Wongsawat who recently became an MP after another popular MP was ordered to resign to make way for her. It is suspected she was being positioned to take Yingluck’s post as PM if she disqualified due to legal rulings. In Thai, “E-Aoun” is an impolite word meaning “fat lady.”]

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