Scratch where it’s not itchy

From Thairath, January 20, 2013
Cartoon title: Scratch where it’s not itchy [idiom meaning try to solve where there is no cause of a problem]

Top left: Giving up, refusing to get out of the corner before the fight begins
On back of the boxer: Foreign Minister [Surapong Towichakchaikul]
[Reference is to Surapong pleading to the public that Thai people must calm their minds about the Prear Vihear case against Cambodia because he thinks there are only two outcomes, either it will be even or Thailand loses.]

Top middle: Claiming that he’s drunk is not why he stole the bus from the terminal to return to the temple. [Refers to an incident when a number of monks in Bangkok got drunk and stole a bus to drive back to their temple.]

Top right: File a lawsuit against former prime minister for deducting the party’s MPs as donations to the party [The Department of Special Investigation by the director-general Tarit Pengdit filed a lawsuit against Democrat Party leader and former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva for deducting the party’s MPs’ salaries as donations to the party claiming that the process is not in accordance with the applicable law. The cartoon shows Tarit riding an elephant trying to catch a grasshopper. This portraits a Thai idiom meaning using a sophisticated tool to do a mere tiny thing. The avalanche of DSI cases against the Democrats are thought to be politically motivated.]

Bottom left: Claiming that those who lost the bidding had the surveillance cameras burnt. [Reference is to the incidence of 17 surveillance cameras were burnt in Yala province, one of the three troubled province in the deep South. After the incident, Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Ubumrung in charge of these three provinces said during an interview with reporters that the cameras were burnt by those who lost at the bid to install the cameras and it had nothing to do with the Southern insurgency. This was ridiculed as typical of his downplaying terror incidents in the south.]

Bottom middle: The educational standard lags behind, but students’ hairstyles get more attention. [The Education Ministry resolved to change a regulation on students’ hairstyles reasoning that the existing regulation may violate personal human rights.]

Bottom right: It’s the politicians who are bad, but it’s the constitution that will be executed. [Refers to the ruling government and Red Shirt pledge to revamp the constitution.]

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