Scholarship requirements from Uncle Sam

From Manager, November 11, 2020
Uncle Sam: The regulation is… whoever curses the best… messes up the best… destroys the country the most… will receive a U.S. scholarship, and be able to go to America like these four people.
Caption: Taking the scholarship exam.

[Uncle Sam is referring to the four main leaders of the anti-government student protests. They were photographed being hosted at the U.S. embassy which has led to charges that the U.S. is backing the protests in Thailand (just as China accuses the U.S. of encouraging the protests in Hong Kong). The U.S. countered by saying their diplomats meet with various groups from society from time to time.
Note that the protest leaders did not actually receive scholarships. The artist is joking that those who riot will be taken care of–referring to the instance in Hong Kong when protest leaders attempted to obtain asylum from the U.S.]

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