Scare Over New Year 2012 Dam Break

Rumors of the dam bursting because of an earthquake or because Red Shirts will blow it up are legion in the Thai-language world now.
Each day a new prophetic or symbolic piece is added to this media storm. Yesterday, the media breathlessly reported turtles were leaving the lake and climbing the surrounding hills in anticipation of the break. Today officials denied this.
This sort of intense scuttlebutt, as well as the soothsayers’ predictions of coming political conflict, reflect the overall public perception that political tensions will soon reach a breaking point. This would occur as the government seeks to placate the anti-Thaksin establishment and the Red Shirts as they attempt to create a scenario to allow Thaksin to return and re-enter politics.
As Thaksin’s revolutionary season is approaching once again, it would be the perfect opportunity to flood the streets with supportive Red Shirts and challenge the establishment to halt lightning quick moves on the constitution or other legal avenues.
Also: Strange that this video inexplicably ends with techno music…

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