Scandal-Ridden Governor Returns

Cartoon title: Won it…Carry on
Sign on stadium: Futsal field at Nong Chok arena [During his first term as Bangkok Governor, MR. Sukhumbhand Paribhata had problem with having the futsal field’s construction at Nong Chok arena finished on time. One of the major problems was the budget. His suppsorters claim that the whole project needed around Baht 1.2 billion, but the Yingluck government granted only Baht one million for the construction.]
On tunnel: Giant tunnel [The Rama IX giant drainage tunnel was said to have many problems that prolonged the big flood of 2011.]
On back of chair: Bangkok Governor [MR. Sukhumbhand Paribhata]
On train in MR. Sukhumbhand Paribhata’s hand: BTS, renewal of the BTS contract [In his first term as Bangkok Governor, MR. Sukhumbhanta was accused of illegally granting a new contract to the Bangkok Transit System company (BTS).]
Death behind the chair: Don’t resign…
On back of the Death: Ordered to suppress the people, 100 dead bodies [The Death refers to former prime minister and the Democrat Party’s leader Abhisit Vejjajiva. Red Shirt supporters accuse him of ordering to suppress the Red Shirt protesters at Ratchaprasong Intersection during the April and May 2010 protest.]
Phi Nooring: Congratulations
Man mouse: Welcome Mr. Governor for the second time.

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