Save Thanathorn from the snakes

From Thairath, October 22, 2019
Title: Cobra is normal, but Anaconda is more dangerous.
On Anaconda: Dictator + Inciting media. Groups to destroy the Future Forward Party
On the book: Budget of Uncle [PM Prayuth]
On the small cobras: PT [Phea Thai], Opposition parties
Phi Nooring: Pray for him to survive
Mouse: Save Thanathorn

[Refers to the current situation of the Future Forward Party led by Thanathorn [pictured]. Recently, many members from his party announced their resignation and some voted support the government against the Future Forward Party’s resolution. The party is also facing a risk that it will be dissolved due to various legal cases.
The cartoon refers to Aesop’s Fable titled “The farmer and the viper.” It is a parable of a person who betrays for his benefit. In Thai politics, politicians who switch parties are called “cobras” for their disloyalty.
The cartoon shows Future Forward Party Thanathorn beset by cobra members of his won party who supported the government due to the benefits they may be receiving from the government budget. Thanathorn is held by a giant snake representing the push government, military and media to paint him as a dangerous radical.
Thanathorn is making the three fingers salute from Hunger Games to signify that the present government is still a part of the dictatorship he wants to resist.]

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