Sarah Carter: Thai authorities get the message

Editorial: Thai authorities get the message –, August 18, 2011
…To most of the holidaymakers who travel there, Thailand is a land of exotic, bustling markets and glorious beaches inhabited by a polite, gentle people to whom nothing is too much trouble. But it is also a developing country with little of the health and safety infrastructure we take for granted.
It is inconceivable that a highly toxic pesticide would be sprayed in a New Zealand hotel room. In the Downtown Inn in which Sarah and two friends stayed, it appears to have been unremarkable.
The Thais have a different, more fatalistic attitude to life and death than New Zealanders – a product of their Buddhist faith and their environment. That is their right…

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  1. Jon Wright says:

    I wrote a comment taking issue with the naive conclusion of the ‘editorial’ but either Sarah Carter or those impressive people at didn’t want to approve it. I say the investigation into the death of the New Zealand national is not well served by the shoddiness of (I didn’t include this last sentiment in the comment that wasn’t approved.)

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