Same cartoon from pro- and anti-Thaksin cartoonists


From Manager, October 15, 2014
ML Panadda: This microphone has made the color fade. We have to be careful using this. We only have one year left. It may not enough.
On the bucket: White
Caption: This job uses a lot of budget.

[Refers to the costly microphones installed at the Government House’s conference room and the junta’s reluctance to investigate the issue. The cartoon shows Ge. Pryauth turying to whitewash the microphones. The microphone issues is thought to uncover the hypocrisy of the junta that came to power vowing transparency in all things.]


From Thairath, October 16, 2014
Title: Gold microphone is not expensive. Golden man is not at fault.
ML Panadda: I don’t see corruption, but it has to be re-procured.
On his shirt: Permanent Secretary, Minister
Below the microphone: Government House’s microphones
Left signs: The quality is the same as the White House and the price is about at Mars’ level. Not corruption, but it’s not good to have the large price gap.
Right signs: Installed before setting the price. The media, please understand. It’s just makes people concerned. [These mock official statements and excuses over the procurement scandal.]
Phi Nooring: Good man can’t cheat.
A mouse: To oppose corruption

[Refers to the purchase of expensive microphones installed at the Government House conference room. ML Panadda Diskul has been questioned about this issue amid the attempt of the junta and Government to promote its claims that it will fight corruption.]

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