Samak legacy: an ideal boss or TV chef? Leaves office with unfinished business

Samak legacy: an ideal boss or TV chef? Leaves office with unfinished business - Bangkok Post, July 27, 2004
... His absence during difficult times--such as floods, fires and other crises--disillusioned many people, including his supporters.
Mr Samak's old-fashioned style of management set him against civic groups and activists who advocate public participation, from the very start.
But he was praised by many city officials as an ideal boss who treated them with respect.
As governor he received full cooperation from city officials when he launched city hall's one-stop service at all district offices. The service was billed as his major achievement...
These incomplete initiatives include a plan to extend the mass transit network to cover Samut Prakan, Thon Buri and Don Muang, a planned underground parking lot at Sanam Luang and a housing project for low-income people in Klong Toey.
His plan to tear down old buildings in Tha Tian area to open visual space hit a snag when it failed to get the approval of the landlord, the Crown Property Bureau.
His corn-cob apartment scheme, aimed at middle-income people, is pretty much a flop with only one project implemented, in Ramkhamhaeng area...
The real power is in the hands of the central government, the lecturer said. ``To be fair, I guess other governors may not be able to do any better than Mr Samak under the present circumstances,'' she said...

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