Growing Rich on the Sweat and Labor of Others

From ThaiRath, July 18, 2011
Cartoon caption: Sacrifice for starving stomachs [means the very rich should sacrifice to implement the 300-baht daily minimum wage for those in need]
At left a farmer is holding a sign that reads: Farmers grow poorer forever as rice traders grow richer.
Yingluck Shinawatra’s right hand is holding the hand of the man whose shirt reads “Laborer.” This man says: It’s not enough to survive on.
Yingluck’s left hand is taking money from the pocket of a man whose shirt reads “Feudal entrepreneur” [sort of like a medieval landlord] and his pocket reads: 300-baht minimum wage
This man is holding a big bag that reads: Growing rich on the sweat and labor of others.
Left mouse says: We want justice.
Right mouse is holding a sign that reads: Release the UDD prisoners.

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