Rushing the House Speaker

With the government reneging on conducting public hearings on its reconciliation bills and being pressured by dissatisfaction from Red Shirts and former Thai Rak Thai execs demanding cabinet posts, a lightning quick passage of some form of bill that creates a blanket pardon will be crucial.
Tonight’s surprise attempt by the House Speaker to speed up the debate and voting on these bills is typical of this strategy. It was met with a physical response from the opposition as they rushed to stop the speaker from ramming through the measure.

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4 Responses to Rushing the House Speaker

  1. albert park says:

    Oh, so that’s how to describe an assault on the House speaker.

  2. mm says:

    Reconcile yourselves to living under the bent cop heel of dictator Thaksin for the rest of your lives people. This is precisely what you get from continually selling your vote to the highest bidder. But most certainly Albert, the Dems are no better. The House Speaker is undoubtedly a salaried Thaksin stooge, however. So no sympathy for him. He asked for trouble, he got it. Parasites the whole damn lot of them!!!

  3. I prefer Thaksin over Abhisit. Abhisit was much more of an authoritarian/dictator after he was installed as PM by the military.

  4. mm says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how lenient people are with Thaksin, when back home they would be baying for blood if some local councillor even slightly padded his/her stationary expenses. I definitely do blame the Democrats – their lazy-arsed corrupt complacent inertia made it inevitable that worse was to come. Thaksin is no reformer. He just takes corruption to even greater heights and dresses it up in some vacuous nonsense about making the poor rich – without actually ever expending any energy to deliver. He does, however, deliver big-time to the untalented lazy duffers in his own clan.

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