Run to oust Sudarat

From Manager, December 5, 2019 Large words: Go to Dubai; Wing.Lai.Pa. [Run to oust Aunty]
Caption: This event comes first.

[Refers to Phea Thai party’s election strategy chief Sudarat who went to Dubai to meet with former PM Thaksin about her pick for the party’s candidate for the Bangkok governor candidate. All of the Phea Thai party factions chiefs recently visited Thaksin around this time amid internal conflicts inside the party and an intense desire to oust Sudarat from the party leadership.
As a Bangkok-based power broker, Sudarat is intensely disliked by the rural kingpins who preside over the bulk of the party loyalists in the provinces. However, it appears as if, for now, Thaksin is sticking with her as party head.
This cartoon makes a joke with the Future Forward Party’s campaign “Wing Lai Loong” (“Run to oust the Uncle”) to be held January 12, 2020 to protest the present government.
The cartoonist jokes that instead of ousting Uncle Tu (which is the nickname of PM Prayuth), the Phea Thai Party is intent on ousting “aunty” (Sudarat) first.]

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