Run to oust Prayuth

From Thairath, December 17, 2019
Title: Put on your shoes
On TV: #Aren’t afraid #Aren’t patient anymore… Don’t give up [hashtags meant to demonstrate people wish to topple the Prayuth-led coalition government]
On paper held by PM Prayuth: Using power as they wish [meaning the government is using its power to benefit itself]
On Thanathorn’s arm at right: Democracy
On Thanathorn’s sleeve: Wing Lai Lung [the name of the running event: “Run to oust the uncle,” “uncle” referring to PM Prayuth]
Phee Nooring: Come out and join.
Mouse: Let’s oust him.

[Refers to the running event “Wing Lai Lung (Run to oust the Uncle).” The event is scheduled for January 12, 2020 and will be seen as a public sign of the level of general support there is to force the current government from power.]

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