Ruling party bribes’ email was ‘real’

Ruling party bribes’ email was ‘real’ – Bangkok Post, August 18, 2011
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…The report said the panel had information Pheu Thai had taken “extra care” of certain members of the press when they were covering the party’s affairs.
The panel investigated the content of five newspapers mentioned in Mr Wim’s email, covering headlines, photos, articles, columns and interviews and adverts.
The newspapers are Khao Sod, Matichon, Thai Rath, Daily News, and Kom Chad Luek.
It reported that Khao Sod, Matichon and Thai Rath tended to run positive content, particularly in headlines and photos, about the Pheu Thai Party compared to the other two newspapers…

Some links from the Thai-language press on this subject are on the forum.

Earlier: Press council to probe into bribery allegation – The Nation, July 5, 2011

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4 Responses to Ruling party bribes’ email was ‘real’

  1. Wisarut says:

    This media bribery case have already destroyed the creditability and accountibility of Thai media even though they cannot find the strong evidences that lead to the arrest of the journalists, and members of the political party …

    Many readers saying that media has betrayed and alienated the readers due to the fact that those media just get hungry for advertising money from government agency so they refuse to do the investigative journalism as the way to gain advertising money at the expense of thero own creditability and social responsibilities.

    No wonder, the social media and weblogs that function as the people jornalists are growing as the media refuse to do the right things.สังคม/สังคมทั่วไป/105615/ผลสอบเมลฉาวชี้เพื่อไทยบริหารสื่อ-นสพ-บางฉบับเอียง

  2. Wisarut says:

    Now, ASTV columnist Rebuking Press Council as a SHAM Council who have alienated the readers by protecting the wrongdoers so logn they have give some bones (a share of spoils/bribes) to Press COuncil

  3. panithan says:

    So the anti-Thaksin gang is active again? Yeah, about 50 of them tried to storm the Japanese Embassy today.

  4. Wiz says:

    Just a loose cannon’s action that brought back anti-Thaksin demonstrators … and more will follow soon after the dire consequence of 300-Baht daily wages + 15000 Baht salary whcih is going to cause massive layoffs + cutting down the bonus, welfares, pension funds to finance 300-Baht daily wages + 15000 Baht salary scheme.

    Now, many Thai nettizens ask how many Thailanders will be left – those buffaloes in human forms not counted – if they have a chance to live in exile abroad since they disagree with PT men’s populist policies.

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