Rubbish and Forgiveness

From Manager, April 8, 2014
Jatuporn: Suthep, do dare to fight with me? Whoever’s rally leaves the most massive amount of rubbish… will win and take the power!!
Caption: If Tu fights like this, then, he can beat the Kanman!!

[“Tu” is the nickname of Red Shirt leader Jatuporn and “Kanman” refers to anti-government protest leader Suthep, who stated his political career as a village chief or “kanman.”
The cartoon makes a joke about the Red Shirt rally on April 5, 2014. Photos from after the event that circulated on social media showed a massive amount of garbage left by the protesters.
In contrast, the anti-government rally has emphasized its public cleaning campaigns to clean protest areas (as was done after the Red Shirt protests in Bangkok in 2010).
These public cleanliness campaigns, when residents are encouraged to ban together to clean public areas, extends beyond the goal of mere cleanliness to symbolically clean (or forgive) the conflicts that led to protest in the first place. This is in keeping with idea that protest itself is thought to be a shameful sign of disunity in the Thai world.
To emphasize that the Red Shirts left a rubbish-strewn protest area is meant to convey that Red Shirt supporters are uncouth and oblivious to the preeminent Thai value of unity and forgiveness.]

From Komchadluek, April 9, 2014
Woman: They shall love cleanness same as they love democracy. [meaning the Red Shirts do not really exist to support democracy]

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