Aristocrats to blame for low rubber prices

From Manager, August 15, 2012
Red Shirt Nattawut Saikuar, Deputy Agriculture Minister, tells southerners: Para rubber prices are dropping because of the ammart… This country isn’t democratic… [“Ammart” meaning “aristocrats.” Nattawut’s statements about aristocrats and an undemocratic nation are standard Red Shirt lines to their supporters.]
Man in grey suit: Pee Ten, those aren’t red buffaloes!!! [“Ten” is Nattawut’s nickname. “Buffaloes” here being a derogatory way to refer to stupid and stubborn people. “Red buffaloes” refers to Red Shirt supporters the cartoonist contends are stupid for believing simplistic rhetoric.]
The caption reads: Why not use the same excuse?

[This refers to Red Shirt Nattawut blaming the change in agricultural prices on conspiracies by the Bangkok elite to hurt country people. This is the tact the Red Shirts use to galvanize support for Thaksin in the Northeast.
However, the south is a stronghold of the Democrat Party as well as an area where “aristocrats” like Privy Councilor Prem are held in the highest esteem. Thus, class-based arguments about oppressive aristocrats in Bangkok do work in the south.]

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