Rubber bullets? But why did people die?


From Thairath, August 6, 2015
Title: He is a special person for a special investigation
The woman is Suwana Suwannajutha, DSI chief
On paper held by Suwanna: Using rubber bullets in this area
On a hooded man’s shirt: Order to kill people
On paper in front of him: Using rubber bullets in this area
Phi Nooring: Hundreds of thousands of real bullets were brought out.
A mouse: Confess with BBC
A man laying down: Rubber bullets? But why did people die?
On a man’s shirt: We love democracy.
On a sign: Ratchaprasong

[Refers to a news spread in the social media that the DSI chief said that rubber bullets were ordered to be used by former PM Abhisit Vejjajiva’s government during clearing of the Red shirt rally in 2010.
This caused great controversy because of the knowledge that the military used live rounds (and even put up signs in the area to this effect). Suwana quickly denied she made the statement about rubber bullets.]

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