Royal Thai Marines educate US/US Navy flight surgeons teach Thais
ทหารเรือไทยให้ความรู้แก่ทหารเรืออเมริกัน/ ทหารเรืออเมริกันสอนการรักษาตัวเองแค่ทหารไทย

Royal Thai Marines educate US, ROK forces in jungle survival –, February 13, 2012
…With hundreds of U.S., Thai and South Korean Marines in a semi-circle around a presentation area, Sub-Lt. Pranom Yodrug, a Thai reconnaissance Marine, with the aid of a translator, outlined the wide variety of edible foliage and fruits there are to be found in the Thai wilderness and how to properly prepare each item. Following this, bamboo shoots fashioned into makeshift trays were passes around with cooked insects, further exemplifying the fact that there is more to eat in the jungle than fruit…

US Navy flight surgeons teach Thai flight surgeon trainees about field medical treatment –, February 12, 2012
…“We want to give them a glimpse of what our medical setup would be like during a deployment,” said Navy Lt. Ky Dorsey, a flight surgeon with Marine Aircraft Group 36, 1st Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force. “It’s almost like a hospital setup in that the lower ranks are taking care of the patients, then presenting to the flight surgeons…”

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