Roundup of Pitak Siam Protest Headlines

Just from the headlines it shows how internationally there is sympathy for people marching on the streets no matter what they are calling for…

Trouble stirs in Thailand: Here’s why not to fret –, November 26, 2012
… Country analysts said the Thai government, led by Yingluck, was on a strong political ground following a decisive win in last year’s election and that was important in reassuring foreign investors about political stability in Thailand.
“What makes Yingluck safe is that when the country went to the polls last year, she won that election handsomely. She’s only the second prime minister in Thai history to win an absolute majority in parliament. The first to achieve that was her brother, Thaksin Shinawatra,” said Walker…

Police Intimidation Ends Anti-Government Protests in Bangkok –, November 26, 2012
[An unusually biased article title…]

Thai Protest Leader Quits as Tear Gas, Roadblocks Damp Turnout – Bloomberg, November 24, 2012

Thai anti-government protests set to gather strength in Bangkok – AP, November 24, 2012

Anti-Government Protests Turn Violent In Thailand, Protesters Clash With Police – ibTimes, November 24, 2012

Thailand anti-government protests quelled by riot police – Guardian, November 24, 2012

Thai police turn on protesters but army discounts coup – SMH, November 25, 2012

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4 Responses to Roundup of Pitak Siam Protest Headlines

  1. Bertus Ernieus says:

    Given that almost the entire international media corps in Bangkok completely ignored that Pitak Siam publicly and very loudly called for a coup, the end of democracy and the “freezing” of Thailand on many occasions, one must assume that either a) they’ve wilfully ignored very important facts b) they’re idiots.

    Or it could be a mixture of the two.

    Either way Bangkok’s foreign media corps should be ridiculed for failing, once again, to report the truth.

  2. Al Ellulah says:

    Your idea of a ‘free’ media telling the ‘truth’ is decades out of date.

  3. Emilio Esteban says:

    Pitak Siam never officially called for a coup. It’s leader, Gen Boonlert, is quoted as saying he personally “would love a coup”. That is not the same as group policy.

    Yingluck Shinawatra was wrong to envoke the anti-democratic Internal Security Act (ISA) before the rally had begun. It shows she is fundamentally undemocratic and in a near panic state when ordinary people exercise their legal right to rally.

    The Pitak Siam rally was declared “legal” by Thailand’s Constitutional Court. The ISA therefore was a contradiction and a provocation.

    It’s shameful the way the Shinawatra’s used Thailand’s police for political motives risking ordinary people’s lives in a hale of tear gas. Even the press were bashed, a clear sign that Yingluck’s regime has lost all legitimacy.

    Gen. Boonlert quite rightly called for an end to the rally to save lives. That is admirable. If the UDD who support Yingluck’s government, had done the same in 2012 not one of those 90+ people would have died.

  4. Wiz says:

    Indeed – and Now, Ai maew telling Yinglux and PT men to fully control Thailand as the following article has implied:

    NIDA Dean of Law Dept explaining that Ai Maew is going to order his PT men to fully control Thailand – through the process to whitewash him in December 2012 – Another round of political crisis is going to happen soon as their movements have deliberately reinvigorate PAD through the legal arm twisting process after Pitak Siam suppression.

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