“Robert Amsterdam – Thaskin Shinawatra Top Lawyer – Defends Democracy”

"Robert Amsterdam - Thaskin Shinawatra Top Lawyer - Defends Democracy" - bignews.biz, December 10, 2010
[Not sure what this is about... It is filled with misspellings (even in the headline of the article) and clunky English. UPDATE: This must be a prank of some kind. Here is another, even weirder version, here.]
..."We are delighted to be retained by Prime Minister Shinawatra to be effective on this urgent matter, and we accept and ackknowledge the difficult intricacy and level of sensitivity of the political turmoil unraveling Thai society," said Robert Amsterdam, founding partner of the distinuqished law firm Amsterdam & Peroff. "It is our objective to examine every legal avenue to aid and support this pro-democracy activity, and urge the international community and general public not to put up with the current government's chaotic attack on peaceful protestors..."
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